3rd Edition Contents List 3rd Edition, May 18th, 2020

Third Edition Contents List

Brid Featherstone – Editorial 

Ariane Critchley and Autumn Roesch-Marsh – An uncertain future: poetry as a response to the impact of Covid-19 on social workers 

David Grimm [Cartoon] – ‘The Social Worker’ 

Denise Smalley, Jill Killington and Other Birth Mothers   –  Wondering and not knowing 

Eleni Skoura-Kirk – “Why make a fuss over some old people”? Covid-19 responses in Greece and the UK 

Ionut Cioarta – Short reflections on the activism of social workers in times of COVID-19 

Martin Webber – Towards a new community social work 

Matthew Jackman – The mental health and service user experience during COVID19 in Australia: from personal to professional disaster 

Megan Ormsby – Poem 

Michael Clark [VIDEO] – Going outside 

Common Threads Collective – Mothers Apart

Robin Sen – Entitled to special protection and assistance? 

Toks Francis – “…And the people stayed home” 

Yourgirlpower – Face time is working