Contents List Special Edition

Contents List

Special Edition – Care Review

Editorial – Robin Sen and Christian Kerr on behalf of the editorial collective, with an illustration – The Care Review – by David Grimm

Amanda Knowles – Why it is necessary to end the unfair disqualification of caregivers

Avery Bowser  – A curious notion?

Becca Dove and Tim Fisher  –The rewilding of helping human services

Beth Atkins  – Our experience

Carolyne Willow – Beware of another power grab

Dave Clarke –  Letter writing as case notes: Developing narrative in case files of Care Experienced individuals

David Anderson – Talking the talk

Ermintrude2  – Conflicts of interest and the Nolan principles

Ian Dickson – Experts by Experience

Jane Tunstill –  Family support services must be the foundation stone of any child welfare intervention

Janet Melville-Wiseman – Listening to the voices of care experienced individuals and communities and the disconcerting values of the Government children’s social care Review

Jo Warner- Legitimate outrage? The Government Review of children’s social care

Joe Hanley – Network ethnography and the Care Review

John Radoux – Reviews, independence and lies

Julia James, Matthew Davies, Arzu Bokhari, Catherine Davies and Hannah Osborn – The MASW bursary campaign 2020: An example of grassroots social work activism

June Thoburn – Routes to permanence for children who need out-of-home care: An evidence overview

Kate Parkinson – Family Group Conferences: the basis for an alternative child protection system?

Kay Everard – The Care Review – It’s not the system, but the people who make it – time to end restructures and invest in people

Nushra Mansuri –  A review of children’s social care in England or a social work apocalypse?

Paul Shuttleworth – Can an independent review provide meaning and ethical participation?

A principal social worker in England – The Care Review 2021: Knocking on the neighbour’s door

Ray Jones –  Prescience of paranoia? Reflecting on the future

Richard Lynch-Smith – Building their seat at the table

Sally Holland – Social work and children’s human rights in Wales in the pandemic- and beyond  

Sarah Jane Waters – How people who use services help create, deliver and appraise Social Work education

Steve Rogowski  – The Review of Children’s Social Care: Another Review Sham?

Thomas Croft and Diana Skelton– Poverty, the right to family life, and the need for poverty-aware guidelines for child protection policy and practice 

Tupua Ulrich  – Experiences of involvement in a youth advisory panel for a Government Care Review in Aotearoa New Zealand