5th Edition July 14th, 2020 Contents List

Fifth Edition Contents List

Gillian MacIntyre and Abyd Quinn-Aziz – Editorial

Alan Walker – Institutional ageism and the pandemic

Alex Withers – Not in it together

Andrew Malcolm – Shifting Dialogues and Tensions on the Merits of Online Learning: A Survey of LinkedIn Conversations

Andy Bilson and Taliah Drayak – We can’t afford child protection

Anonymous – Being an apprentice under COVID

Avery Bowser –  A Pandemic perspective from Northern Ireland

Brid Featherstone, Anna Gupta and Kate Morris – Why ‘radical non-intervention’ needs some help (like we all do!) : A response to Forrester

Brittany Bruce – Redefining Relationships During COVID-19:How Transitioning to Remote Learning is Transforming the Relationships Between Students and Instructors

Charlotte Pitt – Working better together: How do we build stronger relationships between social workers and people using services?  

Christian Kerr – Pennies in the karma bank? Big philanthropy, English social work reform and the neoliberal bind

Dave Collins – Act of resistance: The use of art in social work

Dominic Watters – Food Insecurity and Social Work: Reflections from my Placement

Ffion Evans – Considering children and young people’s digital rights after the pandemic

Graham Price – Two poems

Guy Shennan – Hope – a fundamental assumption

Jenny Ferguson and Cheryle McInroy – Staf’s Project Return: How we’re continuing to care through COVID-19

Joe Hanley – Selling our soul for the best and brightest

Kim Detjen – Reflections on Social Work with Women who have been Subjected to Domestic Abuse during Covid-19

L.J McGuiness – A newly qualified worker’s account of starting a social work career during the Covid19 pandemic

Lifang Wang – The social worker and their services under the spread of coronavirus in China——Based on the lockdown city Wuhan

Mandy Williams – Leading social work through Covid-19: Reflections

Mary Mitchell and Sarah Ali – Adaptive Family Group Conferencing practice: keeping families at the heart of decision making during COVID19

Neil Brownlee – The development of a discharge transition service: Countering the impact of Covid 19 in neuro rehabilitation

Nikki Rutter – Pro-social but socially distant

Omar Mohamed – How COVID-19 has highlighted the need for poverty-aware social work

Paul Redfern and Kevin Baker – Impact of Covid-19 on Deaf people with additional problems 

Rachel Yavnai and Ginette Lafrenière – COVID Activism: How the Pandemic has Revealed New Strategies for Social Media and Technology in Community Organizing and Social Activism

Rosie Moore – ‘A review like no other’

Sarah Banks, Tian Cai, Ed de Jonge, Jane Shears, Michelle Shum, Ana M. Sobočan, Kim Strom, Rory Truell, María Jesús Úriz & Merlinda Weinberg – Ethical practice under Covid-19

Sarah Dewar with Omobola Akingbulu – `Proper social work`: Peer led digital group work with migrant families – solidarity during COVID-19

Simon Cardy – The corporate capture of ideas infecting social work 

Simon Hall – “Am I on mute” Social Work, technology and the pandemic 

The Social Work Student Connect Team with Siobhan Maclean – A Covid-19 creation 

Tiegan Boyens – Wondering not knowing: A way of life

Wayne Reid – The revolution (A nod to Gil Scott-Heron)

Wendy Chen and Ayelet Abramovich –  Hospital Based Psychosocial Intervention with Covid 19 Patients in Israel