5th Edition July 14th, 2020 Graham Price

Two poems

Ourselves alone

Are we happy ourselves never mind the other?

Would it help,

If we made the effort to know the other

Worth a try,

Would that help us be happier ourselves?

Are empathy and compassion in our domain?

Or are they bereft of meaning,

When injustice to another doesn’t cause us pain

Just imagine changing places,

Would that help us be happier ourselves?

WE are enriched by diversity

IF so why then,

Does the other have to cope with adversity?

Let’s admit to what’s wrong,

Would that help us be happier ourselves?

We are accustomed to our own universe,

But it’s not set in stone,

To fight for the rights of others isn’t perverse,

It’s necessary and demanding,

And it brings happiness to all including ourselves.

June, 2020

Poem inspired by the protests against racism May/June 2020. 

This is it

Is this life,

A place in time,

A time in place,

Is this it?

Can we, should we celebrate,

Yes, no, maybe, if needed,

Together, work, change,

This is it.

Then all can celebrate,

A good life,

And rejoice,

This is it.

May, 2020

Inspired by Stephen  Dorrel,  Health Secretary in Tory, John Major’s  Government, 1992-97, Radio 4 VE day 8 May, who said  ‘We’re not going to see this time again, need to accept risk’.  Peter Hennessy, historian and constitutionalist, Radio 4, VE Day, saw comparisons with then and now, and the change of public mood for the better following Covid-19.

Graham Price

Brought up in care, Graham is a totally blind energetic 80 year old person living alone, independently, formerly a group leader of landscape architects at West Midlands County Council. He was the principal carer for his late wife Maureen, who was coping with Parkinson’s disease and severe dementia, until her passing in 2017. In his caring role he had experience of Direct Payments and Continuing Health Care. Graham is heavily engaged in advocating for oppressed, disabled, marginalised and seldom heard people, seeking to improve their service access and promote their wellbeing. He is vice chair of Shaping Our Lives, a national service user led group striving to meet these aims.