4th Edition, June 2nd, 2020 Contents List

Fourth Edition Contents List

Anna Gupta – Editorial 

Dr. Alisoun Milne  – Notes on a Scandal: Coronavirus & Care Homes for Older People    

ATD 4th World – Interview with Annie 

Declan Coogan & Eileen Lauster – Challenging behaviour, Non Violent Resistance (NVR) and Parents/ Carers in a time of COVID 19 

Donald Forrester – In defence of radical non-intervention: reconsidering Fox Harding’s value positions 

Dr. Janet Hoskin and Dr Jo Finch – Covid 19, Disability and the new Eugenics: Implications for social work policy and practice

Mike S – Clap for care leavers and those with care experience

Peter Simcock – When Physical Distancing means Losing Touch: COVID-19 and Deafblind People

Raksha Sidhu – Social Work – Same old or new beginnings?  

Shabnam Ahmed – Enhance the compassion in supervision 

Claire Moruzzi, Tanya Killick and Pam Hodgkins – Wondering and not knowing (2) – Adoption Stories

Yusuf McCormack – Covid-19 and fostering: Can we learn and take the creative approaches used to continue doing things differently for our looked after children? 

Becky Salter – Professional Curiosity Cake

Sally Nieman – How will Covid impact on our attitudes to risk and dependency? Some thoughts on working with older adults in care homes

Michael Clarke [VIDEO] – Mr Whiskers

Kay Everard – Can children, young people & their families ‘own’ their records?