3rd Edition, May 18th, 2020 Michael Clarke

Going outside

Michael Clarke, care leaver and activist, shares his vision.

In the second video excerpt of three Mike talks here during the peak of the virus in April and relates his experience of going outside. 

His position on relationships which he holds strongly and has repeated many times is that a relationship is a voyage of trust:

“If you break down the word; it’s relation and a ship, a ship sets out on a voyage of trust to some kind of destination.” 

What then are the obstacles to the voyage right now in the COVID-19 moment?  

Mike covers government misinformation and smile-less encounters, while as ever positing hope and offering things to think about you never thought you would.

Portable Studio 

These films are excerpts from a video conversation during lockdown with Michael Clarke who is a care leaver and activist living in London. It is part of a collaboration between Mike, social worker Tim Fisher and artist Trevor Appleson. It is a continuation of Trevor’s work, Portable Studio.

Portable Studio started life as an archive document of contemporary British youth culture, made in collaboration with a selection of the young people Appleson met and photographed on the streets of Birmingham for a commission at The Midlands Arts Center in 2015.

Inspired by the way identities are curated online, Portable Studio explores youth identity and experience in an attempt to preserve evidence of a socio-digital landscape that would otherwise pass without physical record