2nd Edition April 24th, 2020

Second Edition Contents List

April 24th, 2020

Christian Kerr – Editorial

Abyd Quinn-Aziz and Dr Christian Beech, with the support of Karen, Michele’s wife – Obituary: Dr Michele Raithby 

APLE (Addressing Poverty with Lived Experience) Collective – Crossing the Digital Divide is essential to ensuring that the response to COVID-19 includes us all

Andrew Eccles – Covid-19, social care and the impact of British exceptionalism

Becca Dove – Someone to watch over me 

Brid Featherstone, Anna Gupta and Kate Morris – On unravelling and re-imagining: child protection in a pandemic 

David McKendrick and Jo Finch – Social work, Covid-19 and securitisation 

David Orr – Social work in pandemic 

Dr Autumn Roesch-Marsh – Digital exclusion and care leavers: It’s time for social work to join this fight 

Dr Sweta Rajan-Rankin – Covid-19 as an “equal opportunities disease”? – Why BAME communities are among the hardest hit 

Durham MSW Collective – Lessons in resilience: supporting social work students during the Covid-19 crisis

Gillian MacIntyre and Alisa Stewart – For some, home is not safe: Considering the experiences of women with learning disabilities affected by gender based violence during Covid-19 

John McGowan – Recognition for social work is especially meaningful during the COVID-19 epidemic 

John Radoux – Are children in care in danger of slipping out of view again?

Leigh Zyweck, Elliott Davis and Richard Devine – Child protection practice in an evolving era 

Michael Clarke, Tim Fisher and Trevor Appleson – The future [VIDEO] 

Paula Beesley – Covid-19: the impact on social work placements 

Raza Griffiths – “We are going to do this together” 

Alice Park – Grieving, hopefully