1st Edition April 9th, 2020

First Edition Contents List

April 9th, 2020

Editorial – Robin Sen

  1. A social worker in the middle of the country – Safe social work in the time of Corona
  2. Dr. Cara Jaradine – Why we need social workers to avert a prisons crisis: beginning a critical conversation
  3. Carolyne Willow – Social protection and the Coronavirus Act
  4. Christian Kerr – The good fight: Reflections on social work and solidarity in the time of Covid-19 and beyond
  5. Deborah Hadwin – “We are human too”- Local authority responses to unaccompanied young people leaving care and the Covid 19 pandemic
  6. Jacqui Bond  The Deaf community in the UK and Covid-19
  7. Jo Warner – The politics of proximity in the age of social distancing
  8. Joe – Becoming another screen in a time of Covid-19
  9. Joe Smeeton – A call to arms
  10. Lucia Marquez Leaman and Tim Fisher – The Friday Story
  11. Mark Monaghan – Do Children’s Social Care Staff Need to Use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Coronavirus (COVID-19)?
  12. Michael Clarke – Ignorance is bliss
  13. Nick Burke – The failure of social work to respond to Covid-19 
  14. Robin Sen – Politics, social work and Covid-19 : March 2020 the month the music died or the month it revived
  15. Sarah-Jane Waters – A new Spring 
  16. Shabnam Ahmed – Remembering a new way  
  17. Simon Cardy – Is it time to wind up the National Accreditation & Assessment System?
  18. Ross Gibson – Unequal lives, unequal deaths